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Providing Continuing Education Training For KY and Ohio Licensed Contractors
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Priority Training Center

NOW Offering self paced online continuing education classes you can take day or night.  

Just like our in person and Zoom classes, the online classes count for both OH & KY licenses including HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical CE, DW/WW, RE and HY.  

Stop and start without losing your place.  We email your class certificate when you finish your class.  Our ONLINE classes are getting RAVE REVIEWS!  Call 859-553-6030 with questions or to register. 

To VIEW OUR Calendar, Click on CALENDAR in the ORANGE BAR across the top of the page.  

T0 REGISTER for a class, either call 859-553-6030 or CLICK ON REGISTER HERE in the ORANGE BAR across the top of the page and then scroll down to the date and location that you want and pick the pricing option for the type if license number(s) that you have.  

Priority Training Center is an approved provider of continuing education training for the states of KY and Ohio.  All of our classes count towards continuing education credit for KY HVAC M&J, KY Plumbing M&J, KY Electrical CE, DW and WW operators licenses.  

Our classes also count for OH Plumbing, HVAC, ELectrical CE, Refrigeration and Hydronics licenses.  

The Commonwealth of KY changed the annual continuing education hours for KY HVAC and KY Plumbing licenses from 8 to 6 hours.  Our classes for KY license holders are from 8:00-2:00. We extend each of our classes from 8:00-4:00 for those with Ohio licenses who need 8 hours of training.  You can get credit for both of your KY and OHIO licenses in each of our classes.  

 Why pay more?  Our trainers have 20+ years of continuing education training experience.  We offer superior classes for reasonable prices.  Why?  Because we want you to get the training you need at prices you can afford.   
Continuing Education Classes:

Thank You to the thousands of contractors who choose Priority Training to provide their annual continuing education credit.